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Hey, all! I am leaving to get on a plane to head back to school in just a few hours! This means plenty of reading time for me, but also getting back on track with problems. Thanks so much for putting up with me and my computer issues. In fact, despite the fact that I haven’t posted any real new content in over 2 weeks, this blog has made is to 11,000 followers!
Honestly, you book nerds are the best in the world. You get me through any bad days :) new content will be arriving soon, so fear not! I hope you all enjoy heading back to school and I hope your educational year starts out right. Grab a good book and go!

For the anon about the Daniel Nayeri book whose title is too long: YES. Keep going, it's in part 4. READ

Awesome! Thanks, wonderful helpful book nerd!

Do you give recommendations? :)

Almost constantly! You can check out the book recs page and look for new books by genre, or you can look at the /tagged/book+recs stuff on my blog for stuff I’ve recommended to specific people or stuff that people have recommended to me. If you want a more specific recommendation, I’m more than willing to help also, I just want to make sure people know about a couple of the resources I’ve made for finding some new books :) Happy reading! 

Have you read any books by Stephanie Perkins? I absolutely love her books.

I actually had to go remind myself what Stephanie Perkins had written, if that answers your question a bit. However, I have wanted to read Anna and the French Kiss for a few months now. It was very popular when people were telling me their favorite books of 2013! I really do need to check it out. 

CELIA HOW U DO IT I was literally just going to school yesterday and so nervous cuz I'm in a new school and don't know anyone so I brought Maze Runner and a girl saw me holding it and that's how I found my first friend at my new school oh my gods thank yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu

OF COURSE I’M GLAD I COULD HELP! Yay new book nerd friends! And yay people who have read The Maze Runner. And good luck this year at school! You’re gonna be amazing! 

Thank you so much for that quote! I'm leaving for school in less than a week and it will be my first time living away from home. Seeing that quote made me feel a lot better about being in a dorm room. You're the best!

I’m so incredibly glad! It is one of my favorite quotes and one I absolutely live by. And don’t worry about living away from home. Last year was my first year and I was totally terrified but it has been amazing. And I always had my stack of books by my bed just in case :) GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR!! 

I haven't read a book in a while (which is so unusual for me I'm usually a non-stop reader), I don't know what's wrong I'm just feeling really demotivated about reading :( Any advice ???

You aren’t alone! I actually just helped out a couple of book nerds with this a little while ago and you can check out my answers here and here

Have you ever read Straw House, Wood House, Brick House, Blow by Daniel Nayeri? My friend said it'd be a really good one for fans of The Book Thief and idk, I'm on part 3 and still don't see it. She did mention something about Death, though, so idk...

I haven’t read those, sorry! Wish I could help. Book nerds? Any connection between these books??

I was reading your book recs for fantasy books and you should totally check out The Kingskiller Chronicle! It's amazing! The series isn't finished yet but the first two books are two of the best fantasy books I have ever read!!

I have heard a lot about these books! I have wanted to check them out for a while but never really did (because I have kind of a hard time getting into epic fantasy) but I’ll make sure to go look a bit more at them! 

The Hollow City is amazing! I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks! I am really liking it so far. I like that I totally don’t trust the narrator at all. Makes me think of Thr3e by Ted Dekker where I’m like… I don’t know about you, sir. You seem unstable. Which is the point. But I still don’t trust what you’re telling me, Mr. Narrator. 

It’s a good idea to have your own books with you in a strange place.

— Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

Have you ever read The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf? It's a children's book, but I was introduced to it last week and fell in head over heels in love! ^^

You know, I have never personally read it. I have heard a lot of it as it has been read in various movies, and learned to appreciate the story, but I’ve never actually gone and sat down with the book and read it. I really need to. Somehow…

I read if I stay by Gale Forman last week, and I still haven't been able to pick up a book since. Any advice on book hangovers?

Book hangovers. The worst thing, really. Because you are desperate to love a book as much as the one you just put down and that makes you judge every book you pick up after that a little harder. I always read The Giver by Lois Lowry to get out of book slumps. This summer I have had a hard time because I just keep giving up on books, which I normally never do. I think… go for the books you already love. Remind yourself why they are great. That’s important. And what I have done, personally, is I go to the library and get A LOT of books, and let myself give a few of them up when I start. Just you getting the feeling that you aren’t going to love this one. But give a lot of books a chance. You’ll find another great one that way, I promise.
Also, try branching out. A while ago I was in a slump and ended up picking up the graphic novel of Frankenstein and I loved it. I’ve even gone back to the same section and picked up a few more graphic novels since then, which I’ve really never been into before. Just be willing you accept maybe you won’t love a few of the books, but it is worth wading through the mess. Best of luck with your book hangover!

By any chance would you be able to help me with this whole "followers" thing lol please

Ah, your blog is so cool! My phone is currently giving me issues with following you, but I will get on that as soon as technology allows. Very cool mix of writing suggestions and books.
Book nerds! You guys have to check out this blog!

Don't you just wish you could reread books without knowing the ending? Also, what books do you recommend reading in hopes of getting out of a reading slump? I haven't really been into any of the books I've read since CoHF. (Sorry if that's part of your book recommendations link. I'm on mobile...)

No problem! I completely get the mobile blogging thing. I am currently without a computer. Which is why I’m taking so long to answer messages. Sorry about that, all! In answer to your first question, YES OH MY GOD YES CONSTANTLY. It is one of the greatest failings of our modern world that they haven’t figured out a way to let me reread a book like I’m reading it for the first time yet. And as for reading slumps… the best I can really offer is the book I always read after a reading slump: The Giver by Lois Lowry. I read it every time I feel like I can’t read anything else. Sorry if that is maybe slightly unhelpful…